Sky Footage

Appreciate everyday beauty

Sunrises and sunsets, beautiful clouds, and starry nights and showcase the beauty of the skies above in your next video project.

Twin engine jet plane taking off in silhouette against an orange sky sunset from LAX airport with sound

Aerial timelapse in motion along city freeway at sunset with tall buildings, city traffic, blue and orange skies.

Timelapse shot at sunset facing downtown Los Angeles at twilight with the sky changing from day into night with stunning golden skies and sun setting with behind hillside with clouds forming and city traffic below

Large four engine jumbo jet plane landing in silhouette against an orange sunset sky with sound

Timelapse in motion (hyperlapse) shot at sunset facing downtown Los Angeles at twilight with the sky changing from day to night with beautiful gold and blue skies above and busy street traffic next to trees below.

Aerial timelapse in motion (hyperlapse) shot at sunset facing downtown Los Angeles at twilight with the sky changing from day to night with stunning fiery pink and blue skies and high-rise building lights turning on.

Aerial timelapse in motion (hyperlapse) shot at sunset facing downtown Los Angeles at twilight with the sky changing from day to night with epic pink skies and clouds above and traffic on a busy street below.

Moving timelapse in motion (hyperlapse) shot at sunset facing busy Lido intersection with traffic and palm trees in Newport Beach. Shot at twilight with the sky changing from day to night with stunning moonrise and clouds above.

Autumn forest in yellow and red leaves on the edge of the river in the sky many clouds, no birds, smooth ponarama 4k timelapse

Densas nubes hermosas flotan a través del cielo, en el gran escenario para la construcción de un concierto de estadio. Los trabajadores usan equipos para el concierto. soleado día de verano, el cielo azul y las nubes blancas. Time-Lapse

Lapso de tiempo de la noche Estrellas del cielo

Africa Night Sky Time Lapse

Estrellas del cielo nocturno de intervalos de tiempo

Sky Lanterns Fly Into The Night Sky

Beautiful Sunset Moment At A Lake Pink Sky Reflected In The Calm Zen Water 4K Resolution

Tightrope Walker Sky Timelapse. Someone walking a tightrope high in the sky. Shot in time-lapse with a beautiful sunset in the background.

Dawn Rolling Clouds and Colors 1. Long time lapse of early predawn rolling clouds and a lightening morning sky with changing colors. Clouds in lower third. Rendered in UltraHD 4K from high resolution stills.

Clouds passing over Mississauga Timelapse. Time lapse of clouds passing over Mississauga, Canada on a beautiful spring day. Passing precipitation and blue skies.

AERIAL: Silhouette of mountaintops in majestic European Alps over sky at sunset

Clouds and Northern Lights in the Night Sky of Lofoten. Time Lapse

Rotating Sky Timelapse

Clouds In Sky With Rock Motion Timelapse

Time lapse sky above rocky cliff on sandy beach. Running clouds in blue sky over sandy rock. Rocky cliff on sandy beach sea. Moving clouds above rocky hill landscape. Coastal landscape

Time lapse of morning sunrise at village. Village sunrise. Sun rises at rural landscape. Village house and windmill. Morning clouds sky. Timelapse of morning sunshine on rural landscape

Heavens Glorious Clouds

AERIAL: Flying high above white clouds and amazing Great Victoria Desert

Las nubes de fondo. cielo azul lapso de tiempo. clip de timelapse de nubes mullidas blancas sobre el cielo azul. Timelapse de nubes mullidas blancas en el cielo azul. La naturaleza de fondo. nubes cielo azul. atmósfera nubosa

Harvester working in the field. Blue sky. The clouds are flying fast (timelapse)

SLOW MOTION: Flying high above white clouds over the vast brown sand desert

Evening Traffic and Dramatic Sky. Timelapse. 4K

El cielo estrellado fabuloso. Lapso de tiempo 4K

Hyper lapse of downtown Los Angeles with clouds.

Cinematic freeway traffic view in downtown Los Angeles. Shot as a motion timelapse or hyperlapse walking with skyscrapers and palm trees on partially cloudy early morning.

Urban aerial timelapse in motion or drone hyperlapse at sunset with a cinematic city view of a Los Angeles freeway and neighborhood intersection with city traffic below and clouds above

Cinematic 4K time lapse in motion or hyper-lapse of Griffith Observatory Park entrance in Los Angeles, California on a sunny, blue sky day.

Tropical time lapse at sunset with hotels, palm trees and clouds

Time-lapse or hyperlapse at Newport Pier entrance in Newport Beach, California with clouds racing overhead and palm trees, tourists and cars in the background.

Twilight time-lapse or hyperlapse in Newport Beach over Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) with traffic below and clouds overhead. Shot at sunset with cars, coastal homes and street lights in the background.

Sunset time lapse from California coast overlooking a harbor and island with blue and orange skies and boats passing by.

Sunset time lapse from Laguna Beach over Catalina Island in California and the ocean with stunning colors

Sunrise time-lapse over ocean with clouds and color in Newport Beach California

Cloudy Sunrise Time Lapse

Vancouver Skyline Time Lapse

Lapso de tiempo de nubes cielo azul

Stylized Los Angeles Skyline Time Lapse

Sunset Time Lapse Clouds

Time Lapse Moring Clouds

Landscape Lake Coulds Time Lapse

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