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Stock video for YouTube, films, and more

Our huge selection of royalty-free footage and b-roll gives you what you need to shape your story. We know that it takes time and money to create a great video, which is why we are here to speed up your process. With Storyblocks Video, you’ll have access to an expansive library of stock clips including 360°/VR, aerial videos, timelapses, slow motion footage, and much more, all included with your subscription. With our unlimited plans, you can download as many clips as you like — allowing you to edit without price constraints.

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lapso de tiempo nubes al atardecer video de 360 grados en realidad virtual

vr 360 6k Milky Way stars at sunset in mountains virtual reality. VR360 degree video. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Rayos del atardecer en las cimas de las montañas VR 360

Espacio 360 VR 3007: la realidad virtual de vídeo de volar a través campos de estrellas en el espacio (Loop). Diseñado para ser utilizado en Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR y otras pantallas de realidad virtual.

Agujero de gusano - loop VR 360 Sumérjase en este agujero de gusano de ciencia ficción. realidad virtual

360 VR 3602 TV Noise: la realidad virtual de vídeo digital de televisión de mal funcionamiento (Loop). Diseñado para ser utilizado en Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR y otras pantallas de realidad virtual.

DEAD SEA, ISRAEL - MARCH 11, 2017: 360 VR video. Resort on the shore of Dead Sea. Man (with model release) bathing in pure salt water and some vacationers relaxing on the shaded deck nearby

VR 360° nubes desde el amanecer hasta el atardecer - video de realidad virtual en 360°

loop VR 360 Wormhole straight through time and space, clouds, and millions of stars. Warp straight ahead through this science fiction wormhole. virtual reality

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With a massive library of video clips ranging across all topics, you will be able to find exactly what you need for all personal and commercial projects. Our footage has been used in TV shows, movies, and many other productions.

Consejos y Tutoriales

Looking to expand your video editing skills? Learn more about color grading, compositing, using tools like Adobe After Effects, and much more on our tutorials hub. Our subscription model allows you to download and test multiple clips before committing to a single, expensive piece of content.

Affordable stock footage for movies, YouTube, and more.

If you have watched any YouTube videos recently, you have seen some form of stock footage. Stock is everywhere because of how much time and money it saves video producers. For example, an establishing shot of New York City requires a huge investment in time, crew and other details. By using stock b-roll, you can incorporate a skyline shot into your project without the hassle of shooting. Our library offers a nearly endless supply of content, ranging from space footage to videos of real people, and so much more. We also offer animated backgrounds so you can layer footage or text over something more abstract. And we're always expanding our content based on member demands. Wrap any documentary, finish any YouTube video, and nail any news story with high-quality HD and 4k stock video from Storyblocks Video.

¿Por qué Storyblocks Video?

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Material profesional y refinado

Discover studio-quality clips without the price tag. Our massive library includes 812,000+ HD and 4K videos, and 360°/VR video. All videos are created by professional filmmakers and videographers, and are hand-selected to make your project as polished as possible.

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Licencia simple y clara

At ease, legalese. Our straightforward licensing means anything you download is yours to keep and use forever—100% royalty-free. All footage is safe and fully cleared to use in YouTube videos. Plus, you get the highest level of industry coverage from both our Standard and Enterprise licenses.

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The best deal around

We’re on a mission to shake up the high-priced world of stock media. With us, you get loads of production quality content for the price of one clip elsewhere. Our unlimited plan allows you to download as many videos as you want, allowing you to test multiple clips in your composition before committing to a single, expensive clip.

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Versátil y fácil de usar

Nuestros clips son fáciles de usar en una variedad de herramientas de edición de video como Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro e iMovie, y otro software en línea como DaVinci Resolve. Esta versatilidad le permite utilizar nuestras imágenes en una amplia gama de contenido.

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    Planes con licencias para pequeñas empresas, autónomos y aficionados.

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    Planes con licencia para equipos creativos que trabajan en grandes empresas.

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Con nuestro paquete de suscripción ilimitado, puede descargar tantos clips como desee y serán suyos para siempre. Encontrará el clip perfecto para su proyecto, desde un segmento de noticias b-roll hasta animación de texto para videos de YouTube. ¡Encuentre un plan individual o comercial que satisfaga sus necesidades hoy!

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